2 Dead, 4 Injured in attack at Baltimore Store: Police report say

Six people were reportedly shot on Wednesday evening around 6PM in front of a store, 2 of them are dead, police say.


It has been reported that an unknown and unidentified man launched fire on the people standing in front of a store in Baltimore, wounding six people before fleeing off.

As per as police reports, one person died on the spot while another died in hospital. The third person is currently in critical condition and doctors are doing their best.

Three more people who were shot, have received injuries but they are not so fatal, and hence they will recover soon.

Police spokesperson, T.J. Smith, explained the incident as ‘tragic’ and said: “people were standing in front of Stop 1 Convenience Store when suddenly an anonymous man (suspect) appeared from nowhere and launched fire on them”.

“He fired until his gun got empty, killing one person on the spot and other in hospital”, he added.

During an investigation, it has been found that the attacker had attacked the man (who died on spot) repeatedly until he (victim) stopped to move.

Investigators are now saying that the incident was “targeted”.

Meanwhile, police have released the identity of two people who died in the tragic incident – Davon Dozier, 23, and Troy Smothers, 29.

Smothers was a father of three kids while the family detail of Dozier is still to come.

The store manager, where the incident happened, said: “I have been working here for past 20 years and never seen such horrifying incident”.


The CCTV footage has shown the suspect and police are now seeking the help of people if they have any clue regarding him.



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