Women Increasingly Drawn to Marketing Degrees

There is a new trend when it comes to marketing degrees, and that trend is one that involves women. It seems more and more women are being drawn to earning their online bachelor of science in marketing than ever before, making this an exciting field in general. Experts are now looking at the trend more closely in order to identify why there is such an increased interest from women.


Arizona State University is well known for its online marketing degree programs and is one of many schools that is seeing this trend and isn’t surprised at all by the interest in the field.

New Levels of Flexibility

There are all kinds of careers out there that offer little to no flexibility in them. For most women, flexibility is a key in picking that perfect career path. For women looking to start a family, flexibility means they will be able to work from home on occasion, be a freelancer and only work from home, and choose to work hours that fit their home schedule. It allows for that balance between home and work life that many careers aren’t able to. It’s the kind of job where women can have that challenging and rewarding career they want, without having to make sacrifices at home Kris Jenner .

It is a Collaborative Effort

Another aspect that women seem to be drawn to is the fact that marketing tends to be a collaborative effort. People work together on an ad campaign or initiative, sharing ideas and thoughts along the way. It’s as far from a solitary position as you can get. Many women like this atmosphere of a team approach, where everyone is helping each other and working together rather than trying to outwit and out-best each other.

Women are Welcome

Despite the fact we live in the year 2016, there are still so many careers that are dominated by men. It’s not to say that women aren’t breaking into them and making a mark, but it’s a hard and slow process in many industries. Marketing is not one of these fields. In fact, as far as offering a level playing field, marketing is one of the most fair and non-biased fields there are. There is no shortage of women in the field and they are continued to be welcomed into it and treated like equals getting just as many opportunities to advance.

A Creative Outlet

For women who have earned their online marketing degree, they probably possess a certain amount of creativity. I mean let’s face it marketing is a very creative and visual field. This is yet another attractive aspect for women. They can put all their thoughts, ideas, and visions on paper and not only be rewarded for it, but excel because of their creativity.

It May be the Perfect Fit


As you start to look at the many advantages this field has to offer it comes as no surprise that women are seeing it as a perfect fit.



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