Where Tech Companies Found their MBAs in 2016

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A new trend is emerging in which tech firms are now hiring MBA graduates to join their workforce. According to data reported by 103 business schools, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft were among the 15 companies that hired the most MBAs in 2015. The founders and CEOs of a number of top U.S. tech companies now realize that they need trained business managers to accomplish their vision.


There’s also a growing trend among tech companies of hiring more and more students who obtained their MBA online. As a matter of fact, more tech companies respect online MBA degrees from colleges such as the New Jersey Institute of Technology than ever before. With that being said, let’s take a look at where tech companies found their MBAs in 2016.

1. Ross School of Business

At the Michigan University’s Ross School of Business, Amazon recently hired 59 MBAs from the Class of 2015, representing 13% of the entire graduating class. The tech giant also went to four other business schools, Duke, Columbia, Northwestern and MIT and hired more students bringing the total to 121 MBAs. Among tech giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft, Amazon is the biggest employer of graduates from elite business schools. Due to their recruitment process, Amazon hires the best candidates with potential for high growth irrespective of their background. Permanent and internship positions are available and the tech firm is keen to develop future business leaders.

2. Northwestern Kellogg School

The Northwestern University’s Kellogg School has become a favorite hunting ground for Apple executives looking for MBA graduates. The tech firm hired eight of the university’s graduates last year. On top of that, the firm hired seven graduates from MIT, six from Columbia University and four from Fuqua, which happens to be Apple CEO Tim Cook’s alma mater.

3. MIT

MIT was the top business school to have MBAs recruited by Google. The tech giant hired 14 graduates from the institution, which is more than twice the number of MBAs hired from Kellogg. The company also hired four MBA graduates from both Columbia and Duke. One of the most fascinating aspects is that 30 percent of all MBA graduates nationwide have listed Google as their dream place of employment. However, to get hired at the tech firm, you must be able to adapt fast. Apart from proving to be a leader, you should also be comfortable with ambiguity. An MBA in information technology will go a long way in improving your prospects of getting hired by Google.

4. University of Washington

So you might be wondering which top U.S. business school channels the largest portion of its MBA online graduates to Silicon Valley. The University of Washington Foster School is the answer. The institution can name Amazon and Microsoft as its corporate neighbors and so it’s no surprise to discover that 43% of its graduating MBA students find themselves in the tech industry.


As these figures show, graduating with an MBA opens a wealth of opportunities after college. Our future depends on technology and getting an MBA is your chance to make the world a better place.



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