US President-Elect and Indian PM will become best friends: says expert

An adviser of Donal Trump, the US President-Elect, said recently in an interview that Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and Trump will become a best friend in near future.


He also talked about several other things related to Trump’s policies.

Well, the Chicago-based businessman, Shalabh Kumar, who is also an adviser of Donald Trump and worked for him in the recent election to attract Indian-American Voters.

In a telephonic interview with Reuters, he spoke about the 45th President of United States.

He revealed the secret of Donald Trump’s unbelievable victory and said: “Trump has amazing ability to listen to every oppressed voice, who was fed up with the lack of job security, bad economic status, bad education etc. which helped a lot in this election”.

Kumar said that in first 100 days Trump will focus on finding new talent as he always said: “America is full of talented people; we just need to find the right one for right thing”.

Eventually, the talk went to the relationship with India, as Kumar himself is of Indian origin, in which he said: “America and India will be the best friend including these two guys (Trump and Modi), who has several similarities in them”.

He added, “Trump is planning to have meeting with Narendra Modi, in which several things are to be discussed”.


Explaining position on trade, he replied: “Trump never opposes free trade, but he only wishes that every trade deal should be ‘fair’”.



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