Toddler receives life changing surgery for huge facial birthmark

A three-year-old Ohio toddler has finally received a life-changing operation for the huge facial birthmark.


It has been reported that the little kid, Brianna Brewer, had this mark on her face since her birth but that time it was very small. In few weeks, it became huge and almost covered her mouth.

Before the surgery, the condition had become so worse that she was unable to eat and talk properly.

Actually, her mother had noticed in just a few weeks that something was wrong with her daughter and hence taken help of social media to seek help.

Finally, Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, who is president and founder of the VBF (Vascular Birthmarks Foundation) noticed her Facebook post and contacted her.

Earlier, Brianna’s parents consulted with a doctor who diagnosed her with an Infantile Hemangioma and started medication to stop the mark’s growth.

Sadly, doctors at that time weren’t agreeing to the surgery, seeing delicate nature of hemangiomas and her little age.

When Dr. Shannon saw the Facebook post and contacted her, she (her mother) became little hopeful. Dr. Shannon arranged an appointment with Dr. Chad Perlyn, who is a pediatric plastic surgeon at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami.

The team of doctors after checking her completely, finally agreed to go for surgery in December.

Luckily, everything went fine and the little kid is recovering very fast.


The family later said that Brianna’s was the 100,000th patient of the VBF and every expense including travel and medical was covered by Vascular Birthmarks Foundation and the Frank Catalanotto Foundation.



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