Post-Election Chaos – What the World Must Be Thinking Now

Election Chaos

There was a time in the not so distant past that the United States was a country that was respected throughout the world as a nation that lived by the rule of law. We had few riots, lived peacefully in coexistence with members from literally every nation on earth. The recent election seems to have put an end to all that.


An Odd Twist of Fate Turns All Eyes on Our Educational System

The irony is that the riots are, for the most part, spurred by college kids who really have no clue what life is like under any kind of leader. They are just beginning their lives as adults and have maybe voted for the first time ever – or not yet ever due to age restrictions. Because of all this, what must other nations be thinking now? It’s a good guess that they are thinking we need to get our universities in check if we wish to hold the coveted spot as a world leader in education.

Change Is in the Wind

While President Elect’s Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education is not being met with approval by either The National Education Association or the American Federation of Teachers, her appointment just might be what the nation needs. Why has her appointment met with such disapproval? The bottom line is that she never attended public schools and never sent her children to them. Her name is Betsy DeVos and she is, herself, a billionaire heralding from Michigan, which by the way, has election results being questioned by the extreme left wing protesters.

Privatization of Education – Can It Work?

She is a proponent of privatized education such as you would receive when getting a higher education leadership degree at Maryville University in Missouri and she has lobbied for vouchers so that parents could use that money to send their elementary and high school age children to the school of their choice. With what many are seeing coming out of the ‘core curriculum,’ her appointment might be just what top-notch private universities like Maryville need to make a real impact on the state of education in this country.

Private Universities Teach Outside the Box

While Ms. DeVos does not hold an online doctor of education degree, she respects private universities and their efforts to be truly unbiased in an effort to prepare students to be leaders in society and within higher education. Ms. DeVos is a graduate of a private university and is the product of an education that empowered her to think outside the box.


So then, what is the world thinking right now? Most of them are probably laughing at the hilarity of the situation where students too young to truly understand politics are rioting against something they know nothing about just yet in life. It doesn’t take an online EDD degree – or any degree in higher education – to know that our public colleges are letting our children down in terms of knowledge imparted and the ability to use critical thinking to resolve issues in life. Perhaps the choice of a Secretary of Education who supports privatization is the right choice after all. Only time will tell.



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