Monkey attacks on a girl, which sets off deadly tribal clash in Libya, 20 dead

So far, 20 people are dead in the clash between two tribe group in Libya which started a few days ago after a pet monkey of one tribe attacked the girl of another community and ripped apart her ‘Hijab’.


As per as reports, the violence was started a few days ago, when a school going girl was attacked by the monkey of another community. The girl’s father thought that it was a plan of other party and hence launched an attack on them.

The initial reports said that only 9 people are dead but the current report says something else, as it clears that more than 20 people are yet dead and more than 50 people are injured badly.

An active civil activist, Bader al-Daheli, said to media that two tribes Awlad Suleiman and Gaddadfa, started this fight when a school girl (belonged to Awlad Suleiman) was attacked by the monkey whose owner was from Gaddadfa tribe.

Soon, after the monkey’s incident, girl’s father took weapons in hand and killed three people along with monkey in retaliation.

After this, Gaddadfa’s became violent and started attacking Awlad, in return.

However, experts believe that the death count could increase as there is no report on how many people have died in Suleiman tribe.


Those who don’t know should know that former prime minister of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, belonged to Gaddadfa tribe and after his death, the battle of the throne is still on.



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