Lesser Known things about WWE star, Brock Lesner

Brock Lesner is not a personality who needs any kind of introduction, but even though, you must be not knowing several hidden facts about him.


Well, today we have come up with few amazing and lesser-known facts about his life and career:

#1 He was a Boxing Monster in College – Brock Lesner is dreadful not only in the wrestling ring but was also while boxing matches during his college times. He remained heavyweight champion for several years.

#2 He holds the record for Youngest WWE champion – He defeated The Rock when he was just 25-year-old and became the Youngest WWE champion. He still holds the record.

#3 During WrestleMania 19, he had almost broken his neck – Fighting against Kurt Angle, Brock had almost broken his neck during the final fight. Later he was diagnosed with a legitimate concussion.

#4 He was also IWGP champion – This is something which has been won by only a few American wrestlers and brock was one of them.

#5 He also played football at NFL – After quitting WWE, he decided to play at NFL. It was his personal decision.

#6 He also wrestled in UFC – Another kind of fighting show, which included mixed martial arts, was also an option for brock and he successfully became the champion by defeating hall of Famer, Randy Couture.

#7 Returned back to WWE – he returned back to WWE in 2012 with a $5 million contract.


#8 History changed – In WrestleMania XXX, he did something which people before that believed as impossible. Well, he defeated the Undertaker and became the new champion.



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