Japan’s PM Shinzō Abe says “I trust Donald Trump”

Apart from the huge protest against the president-elect, Donald Trump, Japanese Prime Minister has a strong trust in him that he will maintain the alliance of both countries.


Prime Minister, Shinzō Abe, said after they both met for the first time in New York-based Trump Tower, “I believe that Donald Trump is able to maintain the relationship between two countries”.

In the 90 minutes talk, several basic topics were also discussed.

Shinzo Abe is the first foreign leader to meet Donald Trump after he won the Presidential election, beating Hillary with a huge difference.

Japan and America have been friends since 1945 but experts were believing that after Donald Trump would become president of America, it wouldn’t continue.

But it seems that the wind is blowing in little different way.

The Japanese Prime Minister said, “I and Trump had a very progressive talk”.

“I believe that Trump is a politician on whom we can trust”, Abe added.

Before the election, the critics had believed that Trump would dissolve the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which he said in his speeches. But now they believe that the deal won’t get canceled.

Trump himself said that Japan should provide more facilities to the American Soldiers in Japan. But also added that to face missiles of North Korea, Japan, and South Korea have to develop their own Nuclear Weapons.


On the other note, it is still unclear what policies Trump would make when it comes to foreign relationships, however, the recent meeting with Abe shows that everything will get normal soon.



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