Four things Apple has launched but no one knows

Every person in this world must be a fan of iPhone or other Apple products such as MacBook, iPod, iPad etc.


But do you that Apple has launched several things, which weren’t successful and hence the company called it back.

Well, here are the four huge things, which Apple launched but called them off later:

#1 KwickTek 100 – When Apple threw Steve Jobs off from his own company, it thought to launch some other devices and hence with Kodak, the company launched its digital camera, which is also one of the first digital camera world saw. At that time the company gave a price tag of $749 to this product, which eventually was called off in 1997.

#2 Apple Graphic Tablet – In 1979, when Apple launched Desktop Apple 2, drawing or sketching digitally was a tough job. To overcome this situation, the company came up with a $650 device, Apple Graphic Tablet. The device was called off because it was affecting the radio frequency.

#3 iPod Socks – You may have heard several weird ‘mobile covers’ but this is something out of the box, which Apple launched before 2012. These iPod Socks are for iPods and aimed to keep them safe from scratches, dust etc. It was called off in 2012.


#4 Apple Newton MessagePad – Years before the company launched iPhone, they had launched Personal Digital Assistance (PDA). This was one of the world’s first touch based device and this had a feature of recognizing handwritings. In 1998, it was called off because it was “highly inaccurate” and “inefficient”.



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