Four Foods which are banned across the world because of weird reasons

Different countries have a different way of living and hence they ban or allow something as per as their culture, thinking or preferring the international rules.


But there are four food items which are banned in almost every part of the world and reasons behind these bans are really weird.

Here we have brought those four foods and their reason for ban:

#1 Absinthe – This is the high-flavored spirit which people used to consume before the twentieth century. But later it was found that the “drink brings hallucinogenic properties in whoever drinks it”. It was banned in the twentieth century in the most part of the world. In 2007, US removed the ban with some certain conditions.

#2 Beluga Caviar – This food item was obtained from the endangered species, Beluga Sturgeon, which as per as reports exist only at few places in the world. Most of the countries have banned producing or eating this caviar.

#3 Chewing Gum – In 2004, Singapore realized a major problem because of chewing gums as it was being used to clog key holes, jam elevator buttons, and deactivate subway door sensors etc. The ban was since imposed for normal people, however, doctors and dentist can still use it with a proper license.


#4 Haggis – This food item is the second most popular food item in Scotland and it is made up of heart, lungs and liver of sheep mixed with oatmeal and other spices. The same food is banned in the US because of use of lung of sheep in the food.



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