Five Easy Tips to Avoid Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer found in women these days and it’s really unfortunate that most people don’t even know about this.


In simple words, breast cancer can be understood as a tumor, which gets bigger and deadly by time. It needs proper medication and therapies, such as hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, and targeted therapies.

Unfortunately, there is still no any certain method to avoid this disease but there are several ways, by which one can decrease the chance of infection.

Well, here are the few easiest way by which you can decrease your chance of getting into this disease:

#1 Proper Exercising – Daily exercise helps in every manner in order to keep our health fit and fine. It is advised by the expert that 75-120 minutes of daily exercise can burn fat as well as decrease chance of breast cancer. Exercising daily, apart of all, keeps you charge the whole day.

#2 Healthy Diet – Another major thing which affects our health is what we eat. Eating healthy foods including all types of fruits and vegetables ultimately decrease the chance of breast cancer.

#3 Quit Smoking – Smoking not only harms our health but also increases the chance of breast cancer in young women.

#4 Quit Over Consumption of Alcohol – Many people take alcohol as medicine (a little daily), but consuming more than that, is definitely not a healthy sign. And in women, it also increases the chance of breast cancer.


#5 Breastfeed – If you have a newborn and you avoid breastfeed your baby, then make a note that you are welcoming the breast cancer. Breastfeeding daily decreases the chance of breast cancer.



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