Few Lesser Known Facts about US next President, Donald Trump

With the vote counting, it has now become clear that Donald Trump will be US’s next president defeating Hillary with a very huge margin.


Now, people must want to know who Donald Trump from inner side. Well, today we have dug up few lesser known facts about him:

#1 He was in Military – At the age of 13, he was sent to Military Academy, just because he was always full of energy.

#2 He was like his father – He continued handling his father’s business and taken it to a new high Amber Portwood.

#3 He is also an author – Trump has yet written more than 50 books. His first book “The Art of the Deal” was published in the year 1987.

#4 He once sued Bill Maher for making fun of him – He became so angry on Bill Maher, who joked on him saying Trump was a Monkey’s son. Trump filed a case against him, however he withdrew his case back after few months. Source: celebrity news

#5 When gets angry when people miscalculate his net worth – He even sued New York Times author as the author miscalculated his net worth. However, the court dismissed the case in 2009.

#6 In early 2013, he filed a case against a hacker who bought around 200 domain names that contains his name like trumpmumbai.com, trumpbeijing.com etc. and refused to hand him back even for money. Eventually he won the case.


#7 He loves Football and Wrestling – He has openly admitted that he is huge follower of football and wrestling. In WWE, he used to own “Monday Night Raw” franchise.
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