Facebook thinks Mark Zuckerberg is Dead

Most of us who use Facebook 24×7 would surely know what this post is about. Well, for few minutes or around half an hour, Facebook showed most people “dead” including the founder member Mark Zuckerberg.


It has been reported that the Facebook had gone through some technical fault which made most people on Facebook dead and added “remembering” before their name on the top panel with some message.

Now several developers and Facebook users contacted the company and in return, the company spokesperson explained that the “Yes, there is some technical bug in the system and we have solved it by now”.

The spokesperson also apologized to the users who went through such inconvenience.

Explaining the fault one user said that when he logged in and visited one friend’s profile, he noticed the message with “remembering” written before his name. He literally went mad and called that friend.

After getting cleared about the truth, he checked few more friend’s profile and found something same.

Well, it all happened just because of the technical fault, which made lots of people dead.


An explanation was given by the company which assured the users that “they are working on the fault and soon, it would be solved”. The company also cleared that “it has nothing to do with privacy and every data of users is safe as earlier’.



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