Facebook has already developed “News Feed Software” for Chinese Market

As we all know that Facebook is banned in China. Well, not only Facebook, if we talk about Google and Twitter, then they are also blocked in the China by the Chinese government.


Since ages, Chinese people and their government don’t encourage those things which are made or developed out of China and that is the reason, why they have blocked Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

However, officially it is believed that the Chinese government has banned these platforms because of the content they show.

But a few months ago, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg cleared that the fact that Facebook is working on ‘filtering news feeds on the basis of a country or some particular area’, and this showed that Facebook wants to expand its network to China.

He said, “by 2030, more than 5 billion people will be connected to Facebook and this won’t happen without China”.

As per as reports, Facebook has no plan to use this tool by itself, instead, it is believed that the company would offer it to a third party (maybe a Chinese contractor) to monitor the content.

A Facebook spokesperson explained by saying “we have been working on this for years and we want to spread our network in China as soon as possible”.

“we are trying to understand more and more about the country so that the content would exactly be the same, what they want”, he added.

It seems that the tool is now ready and Facebook is already having talks with the Chinese government to lift on the ban, however, no any official statements have been made yet.





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