Dreamworld Roller coaster crashes, causing 4 deaths

One of the popular rollercoaster in Queensland, Australia, Dreamworld’s rollercoaster, has crashed and four people are reportedly dead after that unfortunate incident.


It has been reported that the malfunction occurred on the Thunder River Rapids Ride and people who have died in the incident are believed to be from the same family.

However, no any official statement has been made on this.

Few witnesses and the local agencies have reported that around 2PM by local time, the ride got flipped on the conveyor belt, causing this unfortunate incident.

The police and emergency workers worked very hard to transport the injured people to the hospital for proper treatment.

Between all these bad news, there is one good news that no any kid is severely injured in the incident.

One witness, while speaking with a local news, said that everyone out there were traumatized seeing the horrifying scene.

Lia Capes, the lady who was on the spot at the time of the incident, said: “I was getting ready for the ride, but moments later I saw people screaming and running here and there”.

As per as other reports, the same ride was closed by the authorities in April this year, seeing some ‘faults’ in the conveyor belt.

However, the 34-year-old ride was again opened to the public after it passed all the safety measures.


Meanwhile, authorities have launched an investigation to find out the actual cause of this accident.



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