Disabled Man Beaten Up Badly By Group Live on Facebook

Four people have been arrested and are being questioned regarding a Facebook video which shows a disabled man being beaten up badly after tying him to a chair or something else.


All the four suspects, among them one was streaming the video live on Facebook, are taken into custody and police is investigating the matter.

It has been reported that the unidentified 18 year old disabled man, who is believed to be a resident of Crystal Lake, a northwestern suburb of Chicago, was lured by the four people (two males and two females) before taking him to Chicago in a stolen vehicle.

Once reaching their apartment, they tied the disabled man in a chair with his mouth taped shut in to keep him silent.

Using Facebook live, they broadcasted the live video in which the victim was beaten up badly. Not only this, he was also forced to drink water from the toilet and made to curse President-elect Donald Trump on a point of sharp knife.

In the entire video, the suspects were repeatedly saying “F*** white people!” and “F*** Donald Trump!”. Suspects were also heard saying “we want the video to go viral”.

Eddie Johnson, Police Superintendent, said “we were notified about the Facebook video Tuesday afternoon. Taking help of Facebook profile, using which the video was broadcasted, we tracked the woman and then her all the three friends, who were in the video”.


As of now, no charges are made against suspects but it is expected that formal charges would be filed on or after Thursday.



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