Dentist Dies on Operating Table after Surgery to Enlarge Chin goes wrong

The world is full of people who want to look more attractive and beautiful and to become one, they usually end up choosing the cosmetic surgery method.


Thinking something similar, a glamorous dentist went under knives to have her chin little large. Unfortunately, the surgery went wrong and she died on the operation table itself.

The Russian Authority has started investigating the case and reported the death as a ‘tragic’ incident.

As per as reports, the dentist, known only as Maria D, went to Isabella Clinic and signed up for an operation with the surgeon, Marcello Ntire, to enlarge her chin.

Another report from the investigating agency clears that the woman went to the clinic in the last of October and signed up for the operation, which held on November 16.

Before the operation, the clinic asked her to get all necessary tests.

It is believed that all the tests were positive and had no issues, showing any kind of danger.

The report further adds that during surgery, she was given several injections and after one of them, she started convulsions.

Now, without wasting any further seconds, the surgeon informed ambulance for further assistance but her condition became normal soon.

It was just a few minutes when she had another attack of convulsions. And sadly, moments later she died on the operating table itself.

The Russian Authority has already launched a criminal investigation against the Dr. Marcello Ntire’s conduct.


On the other hand, locals said: “Dr. Ntire is very famous and has a great reputation”. It has been also said that he had done thousands of successful plastic surgeries.



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