Court finds the rape suspect not-guilty after serving jail for 28 years

A shocking news is floating from Colorado, where a man has been released by the court after serving for 28 long years as the victim woman clarified that “she had a dream of him”.


Well, it has been reported that the man, Clarence Moses-El, has been found “not guilty” by the court after the victim woman clarified that ‘she saw the man who raped her in her dreams’.

Moses-El was arrested and jailed in the year 1989 in a rape case, in which he was accused of beating the woman badly before raping her.

The jail staff and the court agreed that he always said that “he is innocent and he has nothing to do with that rape or that woman, except that she was his neighbor”.

On Monday, the Denver court ruled the sentence and released him and with his release, the ‘rape case’ again became ‘unsolved’ as nobody knows who was the suspect and hopefully the police will start investigation again from the beginning.

Moses-El later said in a talk “I was like to cry and scream with joy while walking free from the courtroom”.

He added, “in these 28 years, his mental condition went worse from bad”.

Despite several ups and down, he is now happy as the “truth won”.

It has been cleared by the court that another man confessed to beating the woman but still who raped her is a big mystery.


In these three decades, several twists and turns came into the case but eventually the truth is out.



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