Couple Planted Fake Bomb to Kill Police Officer, Got Arrested

A couple in Birmingham planted a fake bomb near to a school on Wednesday, in hope that when police officers would come, they would shoot them to death, as per as police reports.


An official from police department later cleared that the couple, Zachary Edwards, 35, and Raphel Dilligard, 34, planted a fake bomb and hoped that whoever police officer would come, they would shoot them to death.

However, another report explains that they planned the bomb to distract police, as they wanted to rob a bank.

The fake bomb, which contained gunpowder, modeling clay, and a timer, was recovered near an elementary school.

FBI officials and police officers were called to handle the situation. Bomb diffusing squad was also called for diffusing the bomb, which later turned out to be hoax bomb.

A police official said in an interview “the bomb looked exactly like the original one, the defusing team noticed later that it didn’t have detonator”.

The couple was later arrested and as per as current report, they even have accepted the crime.

The couple during questioning admitted that they wanted to shoot the officers and that was the reason why they planted a fake bomb near a school.

The couple has been charged with terrorist threats, raising a fake alarm.

During the investigation, the authorities have even found that the timer which was used in the bomb, was purchased from Walmart. Now the officials are looking for the store, from where it was bought, to check its CCTV footage for more help.


It is though still unclear, whether the couple has any lawyer who would speak on their behalf or not.



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