Chinese robot attacks on a man after breaking the glass booth

During a tech fair in China, something really weird happened, as a robot broke its glass booth and attacked a man, leaving him badly injured.


As per as few witnesses, the robot has been developed for little household works and was kept in the fair on sale.

Suddenly the robot broke its glass chamber and came out and attacked the man standing just in front of that booth.

The organizers were immediately informed, who took robot and the injured man to a hospital for proper treatment.

Experts are saying that this was the first incident of such kind in China. One expert said, ” we have never heard of any robot attacking humans”.

One of the members from organizing team explained later that there was nothing wrong with the robot, but actually, it all happened because of the operator, who was controlling the robot.

He added “instead of moving reverse, the operator pressed the forward button, which forced the robot to break the glass chamber. And sadly, the person got injured as he was standing inches away from the chamber.”

The robot, whose nickname is Fatty, was then got removed from the fair.

The identity of the man, who got injured because of Fatty is still unclear but it’s been said that his condition is stable.


People in China caught the other side of this incident and uploaded the pictures of Fatty with a caption “robot attacking the human” on social media, which in no time gone viral with millions of likes and comments.



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