China bans two elected MPs of Hong-Kong

Interfering in the Hong-Kong politics, china has now banned two elected representatives, who are in ‘independence movement’ against china.


As per as reports, the two representatives are Sixtus Leung and Yau Wai-ching, who are reportedly very active in independence movement against china, refused to take pledge their allegiance to China.

They said that “Hong Kong” is not china and hence they would not take the pledge for china.

Taking action against them, the china’s ruling party “National People’s Congress (NPC)” has now banned them from taking part in oath ceremony next.

Vice chairman of NPC, Zhang Rongshun, explained that the action has been taken to save the dignity of the legal system of Hong Kong.

He added that ‘any representative would be banned if he/she fails to take the pledge as per as law’.

Basic Law committee’s chairman, Li Fei, said that the action has been only taken against those who are advocating ‘independence movement’ and want a new nation, which China will never allow.

Protestors want that china should step back from the Hong-Kong and Hong-Kong should be treated as a ‘nation’.

Well, it’s not the first time when these two elected representatives have refused to take pledge under Chinese law. But this time, the Chinese government took the matter seriously and banned them.

However, few experts now believe that this action of the Chinese government will force the people of Hong Kong to protest against Chinese with more power.

In simple word, the action will fuel up the protest of people.


It’s been said that after 1997, this is the biggest political intervention by the Chinese government in the Hong Kong politics.



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