California woman gives birth to a child, who is actually her grandson

48 year old, Megan Barker, never knew that one day she would give birth to her own grandson, but it became real and she is very happy.


Well, it all started when her daughter, Maddie Coleman, was diagnosed at the age of 14 with a rare condition which made her unable to get pregnant.

Her mother, Barker, told her that one day she would carry her (Maddie’s) child. At that time, Maddie didn’t understand, what her mother meant to.

But after marriage, she understood, what actually her mother wanted to say years ago.

Actually, she had to go for lifesaving surgery in order to remove the ovary tumor, which eventually made her unable to get pregnant.

She said, “Initially, I was in shock thinking that mom would carry my baby, but time slowly taught me that nothing is bad in this”.

She added “obviously, it was weird, but apart from that, it was exciting as well”.

After discussing the idea with her husband, she and family went to doctors.

Luckily, the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) worked perfectly on the very first attempt.

Everything was going perfectly fine and on October 22nd, Barker gave birth to her grandson.

After delivering a healthy baby, Barker said in a talk “I am so happy that I helped my daughter when she needed the most”.


Her daughter, Maddie, is now the happiest person on the earth, as she got what she wished for.



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