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Bill O’Reilly to Have Sit-Down Interview of Soon-To-Be President Donald Trump

The famous television host and author, Bill O’Reilly, will have a sit-down interview with the president-elect Donald Trump on the Super Bowl Sunday. As per as reports, the program will

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Teen Hacker Claims of Hacking Russian Visa Informations

A teen hacker, who recently has a talk with The Daily Caller, in which he claimed of hacking information of the 3,000 Russian Visa applicants. In the United States, there

Nano World News

Expert to investigate what made a large tree to fall on wedding party in California

After the large tree fell on the wedding party, killing one woman and injuring seven other people, authorities have now initiated an investigation to find out the actual cause behind

Nano Health & Medical News

Doctors Raised Concern after Five Babies Born in New York City with Zika

Doctors of New York City have raised an alarm after 14 Zika infected babies born in the city. Five of them are said to be infected with congenital Zika virus

Nano World News

3 Dead in Massive Wildfire in Tennessee

As of now, three people are reportedly dead in the massive wildfire, which affected more than 14,000 people and yet more than 250 buildings have been damaged. Concerned authorities have

Nano World News

Couple Planted Fake Bomb to Kill Police Officer, Got Arrested

A couple in Birmingham planted a fake bomb near to a school on Wednesday, in hope that when police officers would come, they would shoot them to death, as per as

Nano Environment & Science News

Japan issues warning of Tsunami after earthquake of 7.4 magnitude

On Tuesday morning, Japan felt an earthquake of magnitude 7.4 and after this, the Japan’s Meteorology Agency has issued a strong warning of Tsunami around the coastal areas of Fukushima.

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OnePlus launched its another phone just after six month of OnePlus 3 release

Let’s admit that OnePlus 3 is one of the best smartphone launched in the year 2016 but the company wants something else, as it has launched another smartphone with little-enhanced

Nano Gadget & Technology News

Four things Apple has launched but no one knows

Every person in this world must be a fan of iPhone or other Apple products such as MacBook, iPod, iPad etc. But do you that Apple has launched several things,

Nano Gadget & Technology News

New Samsung Galaxy S8 will have larger display to attract fans of Note 7

After the company recalled its Note 7, it has planning to launch something ‘amazing’ to attract its customers and restore the lost trust. Now, as per as few leaks and

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