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Important Factors to Consider Before Starting a Career in Health Care

Do you want to work in the health care sector? Every year, thousands of people decide to start working in health care and it’s often their first step towards a

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Where Tech Companies Found their MBAs in 2016

A new trend is emerging in which tech firms are now hiring MBA graduates to join their workforce. According to data reported by 103 business schools, Amazon, Google, IBM and

Nano Health & Medical News

EHRs Are Making Healthcare More Affordable

The implementation of electronic health records or EHRs in top healthcare facilities is leading to a lot of benefits for both patients and healthcare providers. According to studies complied by

Nano Health & Medical News

Why Health Communication is Important for Public Health

According to Parrott, the allocation of a chapter in the USA’s Healthy People 2010 objectives to health communication illustrates the growing importance of this industry. In the objectives, which are

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Top 3 Reasons why Integrated Digital Marketing Is What You Need

Whether you’re trying to market a product or a service, or you want to position yourself as an expert in a particular field, digital marketing is certainly the right instrument

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Students Are Finding More Reasons to Study Online

Online education has been on the rise for several years. More universities are introducing their distance learning programs to potential students from around the country. Some even accept students from

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Post-Election Chaos – What the World Must Be Thinking Now

There was a time in the not so distant past that the United States was a country that was respected throughout the world as a nation that lived by the

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Navigating the Murky Waters of the iPhone Case Industry

The market for iPhone cases is huge. Almost 9 in 10 iPhone owners (87 percent) choose to encase their phones. The lion’s share of the phone case market is taken

Nano Gadget & Technology News

5 Industries that have been Transformed by Technology

The rapid pace at which recent changes in technology has transformed many industries is baffling. These technologies are saving time, money, and manpower, which then translates into higher efficiency and

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Careers in Sports Management

Many years ago, the career options in sport were mostly limited to elite athletes that go on to become professionals and the small number of coaches that worked with them.