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Nano Health & Medical News

Four Dental Myths Which Are Hurting Our Teeth

A WHO report says that between 60–90 percent school going children and almost 100 percent adults suffer from teeth problem, globally. Now, when we know that a large number of people suffer

Nano World News

Los Angeles College Pays $28,000 to the Hackers as Ransom

A report published in a Los Angeles Valley College school newspaper, explains that a college whose whole system was hacked by the group of hackers paid $28,000 ransom to the hackers in order

Nano Finance & Business News

Twitter is thinking about a ‘edit’ button for tweets

Those who use Twitter know the irritation of not having an option to edit the tweets. Well, it personally happens with me as whenever I accidentally make a typo mistake,

Nano World News

More than 26 People Killed in Congo protests: Sources

Security Officers killed more than 26 people who were protesting against the current President of Congo Joseph Kabila, say reports. It has been reported that the military forces were firing bullets recklessly

Nano Finance & Business News

Starbucks have become a new stop for Pokémon Go Players

Just a few days after the Pokémon Go developer company, Niantic, has signed a bond with America’s largest cafe chain, Starbucks, more than half of the Starbucks Café have become

Nano Gadget & Technology News

Samsung Plans to Revolutionize the Selfie Camera in Galaxy S8: Sources

It wouldn’t be surprising if Samsung will come with something very amazing in its next Galaxy S8 device in terms of camera performance. And the recent rumors are explaining something

Nano Health & Medical News

Seven Energy-Boosting Foods every Person Should Eat

Foods are a great source for getting and maintaining the flow of energy in our body, but not all the foods are energy boosting. Experts have revealed the names of

Nano Celebrity & Entertainment News

Alicia Silverstone joins the nude PETA ads for Anti-Wool Campaign

Celebrities joining a campaign to raise some kind of awareness or to be part of some kind culture is not a new thing. And recently Alicia Silverstone joined the Anti-Wool

Nano Gadget & Technology News

Facebook announces its plan to help people in crisis

In past few months (or years), we have seen several new features on Facebook and one of the very interesting feature is the “Safety Check”, which asks users if they are

Nano Health & Medical News

Milken Institute founder, Michael Milken, shows interest towards Trump’s Team

Founder of the Milken Institute, also working for White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force, Michael Milken, who has given entire his life in finding a cure for the several deadly

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