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FBI Arrests Wife of Orlando Nightclub Massacre Shooter Omar Mateen

On Monday, FBI has arrested the wife of Orlando Nightclub Massacre’s shooter, Omar Mateen, on suspicion of her links with the terrorist organization, ISIS. The horrifying shootout, in which more

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Apple Takes Down The New York Times App from China Apple Store

It’s not the first time when the Chinese government has forced to take down some app or content from the web. And this time, it’s Apple. The authorities of the

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27 Died After Drinking Poisonous Alcohol in Pakistan

More than 25 people are dead and dozens other have become ill after drinking poisonous alcohol on the night of Christmas. As per as local authority, this shocking incident happened

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Facebook Comes Up with Strategy to tackle Fake-News

Spreading the fake or potentially sensitive news on social media is kind of day to day thing, but Facebook has finally announced its strategy to tackle such information. It’s not

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Seven Reasons Why Your Eyes are Bloodshot with Solutions

Reddening in Eyes is quite a common thing, but do we really know what it could happen to eyes or how we can get rid of such bloodshot. Explaining the condition

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Plane Carrying Chapecoense Football Team Crashed, 71 reportedly dead

A chartered plane, which was carrying Chapecoense Football Team, crashed Monday night, killing more than 70 people. The Brazilian first division football team was traveling from Santa Cruz, Bolivia to its next stop,

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6 Proven Ways to Manage Extra Fat

The festive seasons are on doors and these are the time when people earn an extra layer on their body. And for those, who want to enjoy every bit of festivals

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Monkey attacks on a girl, which sets off deadly tribal clash in Libya, 20 dead

So far, 20 people are dead in the clash between two tribe group in Libya which started a few days ago after a pet monkey of one tribe attacked the

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Dentist Dies on Operating Table after Surgery to Enlarge Chin goes wrong

The world is full of people who want to look more attractive and beautiful and to become one, they usually end up choosing the cosmetic surgery method. Thinking something similar,

Nano Health & Medical News

Four Common Myths about Germs We all Follow

Winter is about to hit our door and we all start worrying about germs and its adverse effect on health. But wait, there are still few myths which we follow

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