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Facebook Announces Journalist Project to Strengthen Links with Media

It’s been one month since Facebook announced its strategy to tackle fake and bogus news on the social media platform, and now the social network has come up with another

Nano Health & Medical News

Toddler receives life changing surgery for huge facial birthmark

A three-year-old Ohio toddler has finally received a life-changing operation for the huge facial birthmark. It has been reported that the little kid, Brianna Brewer, had this mark on her

Nano Finance & Business News

Government requests for Facebook data is increased by 27 percent

Facebook has released a report his week, explaining that rate of governments worldwide requesting user’s data has increased by 27 percent from the second half of 2015. Actually, Facebook has

Nano Environment & Science News

Off Duty Firefighter saves 30 people from carbon monoxide poisoning

Around 30 people were affected after the deadly gas started leaking in a restaurant in Clemmons on Saturday, reported a local newspaper. The police department said to the local media

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Apple reveals its planns regarding self-driving car

As we all know that the giant companies like Google and Ford are working the self-driving cars but recently Apple has also admitted that the company is also looking into

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Driver who crashed bus in a tree, killing 6 students, had no alcohol or drugs

The Tennessee driver who crashed his school bus into a tree, killing 6 little kids and injuring more than 35 people, wasn’t on drug or alcohol, says report. The Monday

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In next 10 years, Pakistan would become third most nuclear-powered country

A recent report clears that Pakistan would become the third largest nuclear weapons holding the country in the next 10 years if they continue the speed of production what they

Nano Environment & Science News

Twitter Plans to roll out more advanced feature to block ‘abusive content’

Twitter, which has become famous for its unique ‘following and tweeting’ feature, is now under pressure to bring some feature which allows users to combat ‘abusive content’ more precisely. In

Nano Health & Medical News

Home Remedies that help getting rid of Canker Sores

Canker Sores, which is also known as Aphthous stomatitis, is a type of ulcers which usually occur in the mouth. And I can say that all of us at some

Nano Environment & Science News

Musicians Join Hand in support of Hillary in US Election

In past few months, several musicians and actors have taken a clear stand and supported one particular candidate for the next US President. Yet, along with several personalities; Madonna, Bruce

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