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Nano Health & Medical News

5 Dogs Died after Swallowing Cream: Warns FDA

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning for the people who own dogs as pet regarding the danger topical cancer cream. As of now, 5 dogs have died

Nano Gadget & Technology News

Nokia Finally Comes Back in the Market with Nokia 6

Nokia is the company, which had more than 50 percent share in the smartphone world just a decade ago, but everything got ruined after Google launched its user-friendly and highly

Nano Environment & Science News

Dartmouth College’s Neighbors are Worried of Pollution from Pile of Dead Mice

People who live around the Dartmouth College Campus, have been suffering from several health issues because of the pollution created by the dead mice and other small animals, which are being

Nano Finance & Business News

Foxconn, the iPhone Manufacturer for Apple, wants business expansion in US

Foxconn Technology Group, which mainly manufactures iPhone and other electronic devices for Apple, has said that the company is looking to expand its manufacturing plants in the United States. The statement

Nano Health & Medical News

This is what happens if you wear Contact Lenses overnight

If you use contact lens then there is a huge chance that you have slept overnight wearing them at least once in life. We all know that eye doctors advise

Nano Finance & Business News

Facebook has already developed “News Feed Software” for Chinese Market

As we all know that Facebook is banned in China. Well, not only Facebook, if we talk about Google and Twitter, then they are also blocked in the China by

Nano Health & Medical News

California woman gives birth to a child, who is actually her grandson

48 year old, Megan Barker, never knew that one day she would give birth to her own grandson, but it became real and she is very happy. Well, it all

Nano Celebrity & Entertainment News

Lin Dan apologies to his wife for ‘extramarital affair’ after getting exposed on social media

The Chinese badminton sensation, Lin Dan, who has several records with him, has apologized to his wife and the entire nation for the ‘extramarital affair’ he had with a model

Nano Finance & Business News

US President-Elect and Indian PM will become best friends: says expert

An adviser of Donal Trump, the US President-Elect, said recently in an interview that Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and Trump will become a best friend in near future.

Nano World News

Huge protest marked in whole world against next president Donald Trump

It’s merely 24 hours when Donald Trump emerged as the next president of united states. But it doesn’t seem that majority of people across the US as well as the

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