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Donald Trump was originally a Pakistani, Says a Pakistan’s News Channel

A Pakistani news channel has come up with something which you can directly say “strange”. Well, it has claimed that Donald Trump was originally a Pakistan-born and his original name

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China bans two elected MPs of Hong-Kong

Interfering in the Hong-Kong politics, china has now banned two elected representatives, who are in ‘independence movement’ against china. As per as reports, the two representatives are Sixtus Leung and

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Harry Reid claims FBI chief hasn’t followed LAW while investigating Email Case

Just 9 days are remaining for the presidential election in America, and FBI has started investigating new emails that may contain Hillary’s name. Now, Harry Reid believes that this all episode  is ‘politically

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Anthony Joshua looking for new ‘opponent’ after Wladimir Klitschko suffered ‘minor’ injury

The December 10 super fight, which was supposed to be very exciting, has been finally called off after Wladimir Klitschko, a former heavyweight champion, suffered a minor injury. His opponent, Anthony

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