Attack on Mosque in Kabul, 27 People are Killed

As per as reports, 27 people are dead in the deadly bomb blast inside a Mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan. However, the international media is reporting only 9 deaths but the local media groups are confirming 27 deaths in this unfortunate attack.


It has been reported that the people were gathered at  Shia Mosque, Baqir ul Olum, on Monday morning, following some ceremony, when this incident occurred.

Chief of Kabul Investigation Department, Fraidoon Obaidi, said that almost 27 people have been killed and more than 40 are injured.

He added that injured people are getting transported to the hospital for proper treatment.

A local source reported that the attack was executed by a suicide bomber who somehow managed a clear entry around the crowds before blowing himself.

Till now, no any group or organization has come out to take responsibility for this attack but like the last attack in which more than 80 people were dead, this time also people believe that ISIS could be responsible for this shameful incident.

In July, more than 80 people were dead after an attack on a similar celebration and the responsibility was taken by ISIS.

The Afghanistan ministry said in their official statement that the attack happened when ‘lot of’ of people were inside the Mosque, offering a prayer or taking part in the celebration.


Ministry further added, “we have launched an investigation to find out the reality behind this attack, however, no any terror group has taken responsibility so far, so it is little difficult to understand who did this and what was the motive behind this attack”.



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