Apple Takes Down The New York Times App from China Apple Store

It’s not the first time when the Chinese government has forced to take down some app or content from the web.


And this time, it’s Apple.

The authorities of the country wanted to remove The New York times app from the China Apple Store.

According to the reports, the authorities in China had requested to take down this app in December and acting on their request, the company has now removed the app from the Chinese store.

The New York Times app, which used to show news in English and Chinese language, had violated some local regulations and seeing this, the authorities had requested for deletion.

However, other similar apps like The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal are still working and as of now, no any complaint has been made against these by the authorities.

Announcing the news, a spokesperson from the company, Fred Sainz, said “for some time, we have taken down The New York Times app from the China market. We have been informed that the few content in the app has violated the local regulations”.

He added “after studying the case, we are taking down the app. Once the time changes, the app will again become live on the store.”

Replying to this, the spokesperson from The New York Times, Eileen Murphy, requested reconsider the action.

No any other information has been released from any side.


A few days ago, Facebook has claimed of building a system according to the Chinese government, believing that they may allow the company to spread its network in China.



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