Apple iPhone 8 Might Have Holes in It

For years, apple has always tried to put something new and initiative for its customers and well, that’s the main reason, why iPhones are so famous worldwide.


The company has recently won a patent on a new technology that suggests that the upcoming iPhones may have holes in it.

It has been reported that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has given Apple a patent on “Electronic devices having displays with openings”.

Now, the questions here arises that “is Apple planning to get this new technology (holes) in its next iPhone?”

Explaining about the possibility, AppleInsider writes “Apple can use this new technology in several ways, and at the end, it would increase the functionality of smartphones”.

The site adds “the openings could be used as the secondary display as the user can look through it or to deliver better sound through speakers”.

However, suggesting more, the site also writes “it isn’t necessary that the holes would be visible to human eyes, it could be so tiny that normal eyes couldn’t catch it”.

Apple has a great history of coming up with something new all the time and recently with their iPhone 7, they have launched several new things such as better improved camera, more powerful processors.

Talking about the rumored specification of next iPhone, it has been said that iPhone 8 may come without a home button and bezel-less display.

Another rumor says that the iPhone 8 may have Wireless Charging capability and faster A11 processor.


As of now, the experts have said that Apple may announce about iPhone 8 in last months of 2017.



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