Addiction to Vicodin Ruined My Career: Reveals a Former NFL Player

A former NFL player, whose career was on a start, but because of the addiction to Vicodin, he lost everything in life.


The player has revealed himself, the darkest truth of his life.

It has been reported that the former NFL player, Shane Olivea, used to take Vicodin after every match which soon became an addiction, which eventually ruined his whole career.

In a talk with The Columbus Dispatch, Shane said: “there was a time when I used to take around 125 Vicodins a day as I was severely addicted to it”.

Shane, who was star football player for Ohio State University, also revealed that during his initial days, the medicine was just for ‘pains’ but soon he addicted to it.

He added, “I used to swallow the medicines with chocolate milk because the chance of ‘throwing up’ was higher with water”.

He even revealed that he used to get Vicodin from “his own sources”, including one which was in Mexico. He explained that people only needed cash to get whatever they wanted from that Mexico pharmacy.

Adding more, he said, “I used to buy hundreds of Vicodin at once”.

Calculating the amount, which he spent over Vicodin, he said: “on a rough account, I had spent more than $550,000”.

At last, his parents had to intervene and his mother forced him to get into a drug addiction treatment center in California, in 2008.


After completing his rehab, he went again to Ohio State University to complete his course and finally he got graduated in last December, at the age of 35.



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