5 Things Every True Baseball Fan Must Do

Baseball is one of America’s most celebrated sports, with the game dating back to the summer of 1839. Now, in 2017, it continues to be a much-loved sport across the nation, with fans filling parks in their thousands to catch players in action. We are therefore looking at the five things every true baseball fan must do to embrace the game.

  1. Visit a Classic Stadium

Every passionate baseball fan must visit a classic baseball venue at least once in their lifetime. The likes of Fenway Park and Wrigley Field are filled with so much history and character, so you cannot possibly call yourself a true fan until you have stepped inside the Superdome or Lambeau Field.

  1. Support the Team with a Banner Flag

Forget basketball and football, as no-one is more passionate about a game than a baseball fan. So, when the time comes to support your favorite MLB team, there is nothing better than pulling out the oversized banner flag to show the whole word (or your neighbors) exactly who you will be rooting for. It’s the perfect way to showcase your love of both the sport and team.

  1. Have a Fantasy Team

If you want to enjoy a bit of friendly baseball rivalry, you should create a fantasy team. You can, therefore, compete with friends or strangers while managing your own squad. Make sure you add the likes of Willie Mays or Mike Schmidt to your line-up.

Every true fan will never want to miss a minute of the sport. So, it helps to pay close attention to the fantasy baseball news, where you can learn more about the game, sport and players. It’s a great way to maximize your love of the historic sport.

  1. View Genuine Memorabilia

The likes of Babe Ruth changed the sport’s legacy forever, hitting home runs that would make your head spin. Therefore, it will be a dream come true for fans to be in touching distance of a legendary player’s bat, mitt or ball. With museums and tours across the country, there is no reason why you cannot experience the memorabilia for yourself.

  1. Own Personal Memorabilia

Do you want to pass baseball memorabilia down to your children or grandchildren? We thought so. Every real baseball fan must own an autograph or photograph from their favorite player. After all, it is one of the biggest sign that you are a true baseball fan.

While it might sound easier said than done, in today’s modern world, there’s no reason why you cannot buy an autograph online – or bid on an age-old memento, such as a signed ball or jersey. You could even write to a player’s fan club requesting an autograph, which they might happily send back. Click here for tips on how to get a baseball autograph.

Of course, a true fan is never missing a team game. However, the above actions can be a superb way to embrace the much-loved sport.


How do you showcase your love of baseball? Leave a comment below and tell us how you celebrate your passion for your favorite team.



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