5 Industries that have been Transformed by Technology


The rapid pace at which recent changes in technology has transformed many industries is baffling. These technologies are saving time, money, and manpower, which then translates into higher efficiency and lower overhead costs. Companies on the forefront of implementing these impressive technologies are fast gaining a competitive edge over their rivals. Here is a list of five industries and the interesting ways they have been transformed.



Soil and crop sensors are quickly becoming an important part of agricultural practices. As they continue to become more affordable, a greater number of farms are utilizing this technology. Sensors inform farmers of needed nutrients, water, and crippling weather conditions. This technology allows farmers to make more precise decisions, saving time and money.

Radio frequency technology (RFID) is also a widely used tool that helps ranchers identify cattle and stock. It could also be used in the future to provide even more data about the state of each animal. Using RFID as a tracking and locating device is only the beginning of what it can do. Only the future will show what the most applicable uses will be.

Law Enforcement

Body-worn cameras are quickly becoming an important part of the police officer’s uniform. Using these cameras provides valuable information to the force as well as the public. Police accountability is at the forefront of the public agenda. Having this tool available puts the public at ease while protecting officers from false claims.


Two areas that are being affected by technology in the trucking industry are communication and diagnostics. Sensors, GPS systems, and radar are all tools that can help drivers gather information to make time, money, and life saving decisions in an instant. Having these tools at their fingertips improves driving. These technologies also allow for greater accountability for truckers.

In addition to these technologies, air ride suspensions and hydraulic flaps became almost a standard when it comes to trailers, and many Charter Trucks beavertail trailers are equipped with the technology.

Sensors can also be used in many ways, including conducting remote diagnostics, which allows for more efficient maintenance practices. They are also being used to manage weight distribution, loading and unloading, and in collision prevention. Sensors are becoming a more integrated part of the trucking industry.


One industry that has been able to take great strides during the technological era is healthcare. New machinery and technology ensures that the most cutting edge information is at the fingertips of healthcare providers, improving patient experiences. Many of these advances allow for more accurate diagnostic care and streamlined systems at every level of management.


20 years ago construction management software didn’t really exist. Now, it is the cornerstone of the industry. Even small operations are using this tool to optimize their projects. This tools saves time, money, and manpower by providing streamlined, detailed information at every stage of the process. Using this system makes communication more effective and keeps tasks moving forward.



Software, sensors, and cameras have all moved into integral roles in many industries. As industries continue to define the role of technology in the workplace, these tools will certainly gain a stronger foothold. This is only the beginning of technology in these industries.



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